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My services

We provide highly-personalized college exploration services, tailored to each individual's specific needs. 

Image by Frederik Löwer

01 Application Service


We assist and guide students with college applications for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Europe, US, UK and the rest of the world. We also help students collect the right documentation needed for universities applications (transcripts, diploma statement, predictions and letters of recommendation).

02 Career and College Exploration

Career tests and career guidance sessions are available to our students to guide them towards the most suited career. We help students create a balanced college list with "reach", "match" and "safety" schools that reflect their interest of studies, passions and personal needs.

03 Essays and CV drafting

Huge part in the college application process is drafting a winning personal statement (UK), motivational letter (Dutch Unis) or college essay (US unis). We help students write winning essays for their college admissions. We also assist students with creating a professional CV.

04 Mock Admissions Interview

We prepare applicants for the mock admissions interview (when needed). Mock interviews take place through zoom or face-to-face.

05 College Visits and Virtual College Tours

Finding your best-fit college requires extensive research along with visiting the campus of your choice. We organize college visits for you along with virtual college tours and open day visits.

06 Scholarships and Financial Aid

We identify for you financial aid opportunities and scholarships for your tuition fees.

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